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Opening of the Mojacarte Collective Painting and the Juan Alonso Sculpture Exhibition in Mojácar

The Mojácar La Fuente Municipal Art Centre has inaugurated an exhibition of painting and sculpture titled “Luz del Sur” that brings together more than 40 paintings and close to a dozen sculptures by students of the Clemente Gerez painting school and the sculptor Juan Alonso.

A large public attended the inauguration, among them Raquel Belmonte, acting Mojácar Council Culture Councillor, Francisco García Cerdá, also local authority acting Councillor and the locality’s next Mayor, as well as María Gracia Alarcón.

The artists making up this exhibition are Julia Poves, Michele Koster, Jocelyn Frith, Elena de Salinas, Mariat Bernabé, Mariam O´Dwyer and Marcela González, all of them students of the Félix Clemente Gerez painting school.

Feliz Clemente Gerez is the founder of “Mojacar Arte”, the name of the painting workshop to which the students exhibiting in Mojácar today belong, although the usual group that attends his classes is larger.


A well-known painter in Almería, with an international impact, he has exhibited throughout the world. Despite having numerous awards and being in demand in many places, he has not left the Mediterranean: not Mojácar nor his native Garrucha, only leaving the area on the days necessary for his exhibitions.

Félix Clemente maintains, and he’s not the only one, that the light of Almería is exceptional. A light which he interprets in his works and which is characteristic of it. He is a versatile artist, who has developed his artistic curiosity in sculpture, literature, music and theatre.

He comments with satisfaction on his links with the sea: “The shoreline of the beach was my first painting block and the waves of sea my first draft.” It’s not surprising that his first steps in painting “smelled of the sea”, since as a child the wall of the room where his father kept his fishing tackle was his first canvas.

For Clemente Gerez, the students who put together “Luz del Sur” are very well prepared, with a high level, although their training continues in relation to the understanding of a work: in short, whether it has harmony, composition, framing and soul.


Complementing this exhibition are the sculptures of Juan Alonso, a very well-known and well-loved sculptor in Mojácar due to his shop “Indalos Juan”. It is a reference point in the municipality for craftwork, sculpture, and of course, the indalos, all made from stone.

Macael-born, he has been in Mojácar for 23 years. Here, he says, he has found his place, and it is where he wants to be, although he frequently goes back to Macael in search of the raw material for his works: marble, and if possible Macael white, his preferred stone.

Reluctant to exhibit his work, he is not an exhibition regular, which makes his participation in this exhibition even more valuable. Juan Alonso is an intimist artist. A stonemason by profession, stone is his life. He gives demonstrations, only in his shop, and has been a master stonemason in Almería.

His work is sentiments that slip through the hands when he creates a sculpture. He starts to work and his sensations lead to the final result; to give life and form to his art. Luz del Sur will remain open to the public in the La Fuente Municipal Art Centre until the 30th June. Entry is free, and it can be visited Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 2pm.

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Mojacar Council Will Invest Nearly One Million Euros in Infrastructure Improvements in the Municipality

The plans laid out by Mojácar Council to improve the municipality’s infrastructure and replace road surfaces, as well as upgrade sanitation and water supply networks, are crucial steps toward ensuring the sustainable development and efficient management of resources in the area.

With an allocated budget of 930,000 euros for these improvement works, Mojácar Council aims to address the essential need for reliable drinking water supply and to mitigate potential losses in the water distribution network. By checking and repairing damaged pipes, they are taking proactive measures to conserve this increasingly scarce resource and maintain the high quality of life enjoyed by residents.

Furthermore, the focus on road surfacing improvements in urban areas reflects the council’s commitment to enhancing mobility, accessibility, and safety for both residents and visitors. By incorporating elements for water management and preserving water quality alongside these road works, Mojácar Council demonstrates a holistic approach to infrastructure development that considers environmental sustainability and aesthetics.

Ultimately, these planned works not only aim to enhance services for citizens but also contribute to the overall tourist development of Mojácar by providing a sustainable and high-quality environment for visitors to enjoy.

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Barcelona Basket Wins Again, for the Second Consecutive Year, the National Basketball Tournament U13 “Ciudad De Vera”.

  • The Catalans won in the final with a resounding score of 77 – 64 to Real Madrid.

Vera, May 05, 2024. FC Barcelona Basket has been proclaimed, for the second consecutive year champion of the VI National Basketball Tournament U13 “Ciudad de Vera”, by defeating Real Madrid by 77 – 64 in the final, in a very close game until the last stretch of the game, where the blaugranas distanced themselves on the scoreboard with several consecutive three-pointers and knowing how to take advantage of the failures and nerves of the rival, especially in the last quarter.

The players coached by Eduard Perea, who are leaders of their league with two games left to finish the championship, have solved all the games of the tournament with convincing and bulky victories against their rivals, being fair winners of a tournament that every time has a higher competitive level and that has become on its own merits one of the most important and best organized nationally, in the field of grassroots basketball. For the Catalan team this has been the last tournament before facing the final stages of the Catalan Championship.

In the match for third and fourth place, the Next Hoops won 77 -60 against Unicaja de Málaga. The fifth place went to Club Joventut Badalona. UCAM Murcia was sixth and Real Betis settled for seventh place. The local team, UPLA, closed its participation in the Veratense tournament in eighth place.

All the games were broadcasted by Canal Basket Cantera, the largest basketball training platform in the world. The event, held at the Blas Infante Pavilion in Vera, brought together the best national basketball quarries throughout the weekend and had hundreds of spectators who packed the stands during all the games.

The MVP of the Tournament was for Kristians Martinsons, young promise of the Barcelona youth team that has caused a very pleasant impression among the fans who have attended the tournament. The ideal quintet of the tournament was composed by Kristians Martinsons (Barcelona), Ilian Montero (Next Hoops), Aitor Cugat (Unicaja),
Biel Mas (Barcelona Basket), Airam Alonso (Real Madrid).


The mayor of Vera, Alfonso Garcia, thanked the Diputación de Almería for its support to the sporting event as well as the collaboration of the City Council of Los Gallardos, which has also been sub-host of the tournament, and whose councilor, Andrea Ramos, attended the final of the tournament and participated in the trophy ceremony. The mayor veratense has highlighted the role of all sponsors and partners “because thanks to them and their contribution has been able to consolidate the tournament in Vera as a national benchmark, where all the big teams show their interest in coming.

Garcia has put in value “the great work of UPLA in organizing the tournament that year after year makes the town in the capital of basketball at the national level”. Garcia has highlighted “the great projection that this competition provides the municipality to promote throughout Spain”.

Diego Franco, president of UPLA, the organizing club of the Tournament, commented that “the level of play of these games has been excellent, we have lived great sporting moments, with a team that has stood out above the rest as has been Barcelona Basket”.
“We have had the opportunity to see the best youth basketball at national level in the Pabellón Infante de Vera,” concluded Franco.

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Vera Will Once Again Be the Epicenter of National Grassroots Basketball, With the Vi U13 Tournament!

The mayor of the City Council of Vera, Alfonso García Ramos, and the Councillor for Culture and Heritage, Sports, and Youth, Antonio Jesús Soler Castaño, accompanied Juan Francisco López Fernández from the board of CB Upla to present the VI U13 tournament. The mayor expressed that the tournament would bring the best basketball to Vera, with the participation of top youth teams from across the country.

From May 2 to 5, the Blas Infante Pavilion in Vera will host the tournament, featuring prominent teams like Real Madrid Basketball, Barcelona Basketball, Joventut Badalona, and Unicaja Basketball. The tournament is organized by the Basketball Club Union of Peoples of Levante Almeriense (CB UPLA), with support from the City of Vera, the Provincial Council of Almería, and the Unicaja Foundation and Basket Andalusia.

For CB Upla, hosting the VI tournament is an honor, as it has become a significant event in the national youth basketball scene. The City Council of Vera has collaborated closely with CB Upla to ensure that everything is in place for the tournament, welcoming basketball enthusiasts, athletes, and families to Vera.

Antonio Jesús Soler, the Councilman of Sports in Vera, emphasized that the tournament not only has a significant sports impact but also contributes to tourism, attracting families to Vera to enjoy its climate and sports facilities. He highlighted the tournament’s national recognition, which strengthens both the sports and tourism sectors of the community.


The tournament will kick off on May 2 with a game between CB Upla and Ucam Murcia, followed by matches on May 3, 4, and 5 featuring various national youth teams. The highlight of the tournament will be the match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona on May 3, with semifinals on May 4 and the grand final on May 5.

The VI U13 Tournament promises intense emotions and unforgettable moments for sports and basketball enthusiasts, providing a platform for young talents to showcase their skills and passion for the game. It will be an exciting experience for all involved and a unique opportunity to witness the future stars of basketball in action.

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